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Alexis and Kymberly McClay Interview!


Name: Naven- Designers Kym and Alexis McClay

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Women’s High-End/Contemporary Line

Designers: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney

Favorite Trend (Clothing/Accessories): corset/bustier dresses, high waistlines and broad shoulders

Favorite Trend (Beauty): thick black liner and red lips

Item You OwnNaven Party Dress in Pop Pink with studded shoulders- it’s a show stopper!

Deadly Sin: Oatmeal Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream…

I !

Most Inspired By: Victorian style, bright colors, and pop culture

What You Can’t Live Without: My twin sister… My puppy… And my full color range of neon Naven Skinny Mini skirts!

Currently In Your Purse: Quarters for downtown parking, Oliver People’s tortoise shell spectacles, MAC’s “Russian Red” lipstick, and my iPhone.    

Item You Lust, But Don’t Have: All Louboutin Winter collection shoes.

Fantasy Dinner Guests: Ian Somerhalder, Jaren Leto, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci… My life would be complete.

Vans or Louboutins: Converse not Vans first off. I would never give up my chucks, but my dream is to fill my closet with Louboutins, they are the perfect complement to a sexy Naven outfit. 

Always…. In Life: always give people a chance before you judge, In Fashion:  Always look sexy no matter what occasion!

Never…. In Life: never give up on your dreams, In Fashion: never be afraid of color, you have one life so get noticed!

Describe Your Job: Designer/Owner of Naven 

Upcoming and Current Projects: Project Tradeshow and Coterie Tradeshow in February and March 2011.

What Comes Next: Look out for the dates of our upcoming Naven runway show for Spring 2011!

Most Important Piece Of Advice: Make the most of your life!


Aw,I ❤ this!


Kristin Cavallari Wearing Naven's Oversized Cropped Blouse in Orange Crush on Access Hollywood!


Birthday cake
candles too
Fun for all
For just you two.

Birthdays shared
together cared

Sharing the day

who will never turn gray

It’s Kymberley’s & Alexis’