Just had a nice little surprise, since I’ve subscribed to NastyGal’s Newsletter

I always see great pieces but now it’s time for the best ones : NAVEN.

NastyGal owns stuff from their latest collection!

Check it out!

First we’ve got 

the super cool Moto Zipper Skirt in Dusty Rose.

(( the uppertop is NAVEN’s crop top in Black! ))

It’s a rad faux leather bubblegum pink skirt featuring a side gold zip closure. Stretch panel at waist, orange faux suede interior. Fully lined. Looks awesome with a tie blouse and ankle boots! 

Then there’s the Colorblock long sleeve Silk Cutout Dress

in plum and teal!

.. featuring a cutout waist and pleated detailing. Scoop neckline, zip closure at back. Fully lined. Looks amazing with stacked rings and wedges!

And the  lime and turquoise

Silk Colorblock Cutout Dress which was seen on the Style LA Runway show this Summer! 

Go grab one! 

Silk Circle Skirt&Tuxedo Crop Top


  • Silk Circle Skirt - Neon Green

  • Silk Circle Skirt - Neon Coral

  • and Neon Silk Maxi Skirt


Check out the cool COUP DE MAIN MAG Interview

We talk to ALEXIS of ‘NAVEN’.

"Naven is known for bold colours that pop. We believe in girl-power through the use of statement colours."

COUP DE MAIN: Where did the initial inspiration and motivation to create ‘Naven’ come from?
NAVEN: Our inspiration comes from everyday life, for example; a colour scheme for a printed blouse could come from the colours in a flower, the angular structure of a dress, from city architecture, the theme of a collection from an Old Hollywood movie. We take those tangible inspirations and create our “Dream Closet” each season to the next. 

CDM: How did you choose the name ‘Naven’?
NAVEN: Family is one of the leading influences in my life. I have a large Irish Family from Navan Ireland and my heritage has always been important to me. When faced with what to name our company, I reflected on what meant the most to me in life and without a doubt family comes first. We got the inspiration to name our company ‘Naven’ from this.
CDM: Can you share with us your creative process when designing a collection? 
NAVEN: Designing a collection is without a doubt a very dynamic process and is never the same from one collection to the next. Some factors that remain consistent is considering the logics; who is our customer and what “needs/wants” are we fulfilling in our clothing. From a creative stand point; what trends outline the season, what colour palette do we feel for the collection. The dynamic elements are things like; cuts, fits, fabrics, themes, when and where we design a collection, and during which part of the process the real ‘juicy’ designs emerge, which we know will be ‘hits’. It’s a creative yet toiling process.
CDM: I absolutely love your choice in colours for your existing collection, how do you come up with the colour palettes? Where do you draw your colour inspiration from?
NAVEN: Naven is known for bold colours that pop. We believe in girl-power through the use of statement colours. We use neons and candy colours that reflect this mind-set.
CDM: Describe a ‘Naven’ girl in three words…
NAVEN: Confident, fashion-forward and sexy.
CDM: We’ve recently seen the likes of Victoria Justice sporting ‘Naven’ on the red carpet. What goes through your mind when such people wear your pieces?
NAVEN: There is no better compliment to us as designers, than to see a celebrity - who has first pick at any designer - wear a ‘Naven’ dress. It’s reassurance that we are doing a great job!
CDM: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
NAVEN: In front of a crowd, no-one but you knows you’re nervous, so keep your cool under pressure.
CDM: What did you want to be when you were seven-years-old?
NAVEN: Alexis - Research Biologist. Kym - Fashion Designer.
CDM: Did you always think you’d end up working alongside each other in some way or another?
NAVEN: Though we have always been a team in the full sense of the word, social progression throughout our lives naturally led us to develop into polar opposites. Kym has always been outgoing, social and creative, meanwhile I’ve always been logical, reserved, and more serious. This lead Kym to fashion and it led me to business. Though we did not always understand how these polar opposites would one day collide, we always knew the end result would be a collaboration in the work-field. This came into tangible form in 2007 through the birth of ‘Naven’. 
CDM: What is the best purchase you’ve ever made? 
NAVEN: Hipster hat from ‘Nasty Gal’ and matching boots. And my Martin Acoustic Guitar… The combo is deadly.
CDM: Since this is our ‘We Hearts’ issue, are you able to share with us five things that you ‘heart’ right now?
My Twin sister.
My Australian Shepherd Puppy Meeka.
My ‘Naven’ Pop Pink Oversized Blazer (also worn by Kim Kardashian).
My Vegas Blue ‘Naven’ Twiggy Dress.
My two-toned Peach and Turquoise ‘Naven’ Heartthrob Dress (also worn by Ashley Tisdale)

NAVEN’s Silk Skirts featured on NASTYGAL’s Lookbook!

NAVEN's Stellar white chiffon Crop Top and

ballerina dress featuring a deep scoop neckline, black star print , pleated skirt and loose fit now on NASTYGAL!

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