" it’s called NAVEN " 

  • (( my first video gif btw! ))

So cute!


Lot’s of NAVEN clothes now avaible at Tea Leaf Clothing

Go check the website  http://shop.tealeafclothing.com/category_s/215.htm  ✧ out to order some of these amazing Clothes.


Diana Madison wearing 

Naven’s Tiger/Navy Bombshell Dress with Sheering!         

NAVEN’s Twisted Top in Barbie Doll Pink and Monroe Shorts in Tan

NAVEN DRESSES at Lola Rouge’s.

"Heartthrob" Dress in Pop Pink $260

" Party" Dress in Black $384

"Party" Dress in Blue $384

"Bomshell" Mini Dress in Emerald $326


All avaible at www.revolveclothing.com



▽ Click on the images for a larger View 

◇ Or just visit : http://www.dailysingle.com/Kymberley-Alexis-McClay-Naven-Twins-fashion-designer-interview 

△ I didn’t think it’s possible to adore them even more that I already did. Obviously I was wrong! LOVE! 

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