If you haven’t already heard any of Kym&Lex’s Songs, you now have to check out their latest recorded Song produced by Johnny Whatt.


The twins are well known for their amazing designs and success in the Fashion Industry but there’s a whole lot of more talent behind the Beautiful girls. “Stars" reminds of Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed ft. Katy Perry’s Alien Song but It’s still has a  whole different vibe. It does have that urban feeling underneath mixed with Kymberley’s & Alexis’ expressive vocals which makes it fit as a dance song to a great party or a trendy Event. The sounds are all energetic and active. There’s a lot in the song especially when you put your headphones on & just really sink into it. The chorus contains the lyrical and melodic hook of the song which is so catchy that you just can’t get it out of your head the entire day. It’s fun and it shows the big potential of the upcoming Songs!

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