I was first introduced to Kym and Alex McClay, better known as the Naven sisters, while in Vegas at my very first Magic experience. Even though it was a quick meet and greet, it was nothing short of refreshing.

It is not very often that you meet two designers who are sisters and also identical twins. Not only do they share an extreme love for fashion, they have had a great hand in designing some of the most celeb-worthy dresses. Their style can be summed up as trendy, fun, and colorful. Kim and Alex are reintroducing what it means to be California cool, with a twist of European chic. And to add to the excitement, they will soon be introducing a lower price-point line that will have consumers draped in silks, jerseys, and cotton blends. While the Naven sisters are effortlessly chic themselves, it is their clothes and ambition that will continue to speak volumes. I had a chance to discuss fashion, future plans, and being twins with Kym and Alex as they get ready to introduce their Spring 2011 collection.

You both currently live in Los Angeles but are originally from Vancouver, Canada. What about the L.A. fashion scene would you like to see Canada incorporate? 
Living in L.A. for the past ten years has influenced every aspect of our fashion sense and style. Canada has distinct fashion styles that vary depending on the coast. We believe the Canadian fashion scene would do well with bright colors and forward-thinking, sexy cuts. While living in Vancouver, we found that fashion tends to lean towards comfort instead of form-fitting silhouettes, and the colors tend to be neutral, not the pop colors we prefer. No matter the style a girl leans towards, and no matter what the occasion, she wants to stand out and look sexy.

You both were recently in New York for Fashion Week. How was that experience?
This was actually our second season participating in the events surrounding Fashion Week. A huge segment of our business is in New York, and the shows have had a tremendous impact on both sales and recognition. Coterie Tradeshow has been a huge success for us. We adore New York and respect the serious “fashionistas” who inhabit the city, and we hope to open an office there very soon.

You had the chance to show your Holiday Resort 2011 collection in New York, and I love its use of so many bright colors and structured outfits, which is a big trend this season, as we have already seen on the runways.


Your collection is very feminine, yet it still enables most any woman to wear certain pieces. Who is the Naven woman? 
The Naven woman represents energy and empowerment—a real girl looking sexy. Some of the celebrities we have dressed certainly embody that woman. Katy Perry, for example, who can be that everyday girl while also being sexy through her energy and confidence. Feeling confident in what you wear is so important. Naven does all of that.

It is obvious that you are identical twins. Is it easy working together? 
We find it really easy working together, and we make a great team. I think that if we weren’t both designers, then it would be different. But we both bring such different elements to the table.

What is the most challenging part of being a designer and running your own business? 
It is a challenge to edit the line in deciding what goes and what stays. You have to reduce the number of pieces in a collection, and we have to make sure that everything that we create caters to the consumer, the market, and the economy. We are constantly thinking of things that are missing from our closets when we are designing clothes for our customers.

What does your Spring 2011 collection consist of? 
We wanted to convey a California cool vibe and incorporate all the pastel colors and elements and the overall breezy feel of Venice Beach, which is such a landmark of the California coast. We wanted to stay true to our sexy and empowering fits but incorporate the ease of the true California beach bum. Think of the following images when considering our inspiration: Malibu Barbie, Sweet Valley High, Venice Beach, Abbott Kinney Road, California Blue, crashing waves, marine mist in the morning, pale sand on your toes, the carnival at Santa Monica Pier…all these images led to the creation of the Spring 2011 collection.

What continues to motivate the both of you in this industry? 
Our passion in life is fashion! Staying motivated in this industry comes naturally to us. Our work is our lives, and picturing our clothes one day on billboards along the Sunset Strip and within the pages of Vogue magazine is what keeps us going. Knowing that we can create something that is missing from the market, we strive to really satisfy the hunger of our consumer on a day-to-day basis.

Source : Mateo Magazine Interview.