One of the hottest trends this season has been far and away the bold use of color and the latest collection by LA-based twin designers Kym and Alexis McClay have definitely hit that nail on the head. Their line Naven, whose name comes from a city in Ireland where their family is from, is a collection of gorgeous and absolutely covetable pieces.

Their bold use of neon yellow, hot pink, lime, purple, and royal blue is definitely what grabs your attention first but upon further inspection I was pleased to find that the construction and detail was absolutely impeccable.

The fabrics included silks, deconstructed dresses, and a touch of iridescent shantung. One sweetheart boustier mini dress was definitely a piece I could see any twenty something wearing for a night out on the town. A favorite of mine was the chiffon racerback tank. At only $40 you could afford to get one in every color and print!

They are cut to fit loose and flowy and have a completely ethereal feel while being playful at the same time. In prints ranging from geometric to floral to whimsical you can find one to fit any mood. If you are looking for that stand-out piece to add an extra punch to your wardrobe I definitely suggest the cropped corset which has an exposed contrast zipper down the front, features a sweetheart neckline, and paired with a high waisted skirt with just a couple of inches of stomach showing you’ll have all eyes on you. Both Kym and Alexis were incredibly sweet, not to mention beautiful, but more importantly they know their customer and are truly focused on keeping her happy.

Naven pieces- Chiffon racerback tanks

A goal they try to maintain is to keep their collection under $200 which, in these times, is definitely something that gives them that competitive edge. Alexis says, “We want to make sure that everybody can wear our clothes. We want to have a look that is unique and fashion forward where girls can go into a store at any age and be like ‘I love that stuff!’ and ours be the one that everyone can afford”. What is so intriguing is that the two of them possess rather different styles: one is classic conservative while the other is loud and loves toplay with bold use of patterns and neons. With that, they are able to mesh their visions and create a line that can be as sexy as you allow it to be or as modest as you choose with colors that jump out at you or you can choose a more subdued look. For the girl who wants just a touch of color there are their oh-so-popular bow blouses. Cream or black for a very conservative look, or try the black and white floral that has a hot pink tie for the neck.

Who’s to say that working in corporate America means bland and boring suits? Now you can throw it on with a pencil skirt, tie it up and throw on some hot secretary glasses for the day time. Evening comes , throw down the hair, take off the sunglasses and throw on some strappy heels and you are ready for whatever the night brings! All in all I could go on for days gushing about how absolutely fabulous this line is but instead of that I’ll simply leave you with this: Bright colors, flattering silhouettes, and a youthful spirit is what makes Naven a unique and sophisticated breath of fresh air that the City of Angels has been waiting for! 

– written by Elizabeth in L.A.



Kym & Lex - The Naven Twins are on the Kendra Show this season! Make sure to follow the fourth season Sundays at 11/10c on E! 

NAVEN Interview Part One!

Sydney Interviews NAVEN Designers, Kym & Alexis McClay 


Kym & Alexis McClay

Twin sisters Kym and Alexis McClay know how to work it in the fashion biz.  They are keen designers and faces of their fashion line, NAVEN, which I’ve been obsessed with since shopping the line about 4 years ago.  Blonde, gorgeous, smart (Pepperdine University and FIDM graduates), and talented, these girls are the dynamic duo.  This is Part I of my interview with the designers.  Enjoy!

S: How did you both get into fashion?

K&A: Every career starts somewhere; ours started sitting at our desks at 14 years old in West Van High in Vancouver, Canada, sketching designs for the school fashion show.  At that point, we never dreamt that would lead to owning NAVEN.  Our path was carved out as followed.  Step one: huge success from the school fashion show ignited the desire to pursue fashion.  Step two: Kym completed her degree in Fashion Design at FIDM and Alexis’s Business/Marketing degree at Pepperdine University.  Step three: Invaluable experience working for large companies.  Step four: The birth of NAVEN.  Step Five: Taking over the world.

S: What is NAVEN, and what’s the story behind the name?

K&A: We are Irish Canadian and have dual citizenships.  We have a huge Irish family on my father’s side who comes from Navan, Ireland.  We wanted to stay true to our roots, which have influenced our lives.  Therefore, we were inspired to use the city Navan in our business name NAVEN.

S: Who are you designing for?

K&A: Being California girls, we always try to incorporate off the runway looks into a wearable outfit.  The fashionista we design for is fashion forward, confident, and sexy.  She loves to be daring with sexy fits, and play with bold colors in her wardrobe.  Our inspirations for our designs come from everyday life, and we take those tangible inspirations and create our “Dream Closet” each season to the next.

new NAVEN arrivals

S: What’s it like working together as twins?  Any rivalries?

K&A: We’re best friends, so being able to brainstorm on the same wavelength and come up with creative concepts each season for our designs together is a blast.  Though we are twins, parts of our personalities are polar opposites.  Kym is the creative genius, and Alexis is the business side.  Being a twin can be challenging since we spend every walking second together, but at the end of the day, we always work as a team.

S: Have the Olsen twins influenced you in any way?

K&A: We have such great respect for the Olsen twins and the empire they have created at such a young age.  We definitely use their success as motivation, but at the end of the day, our visions are quite different.  Their line, The Row, caters to an elite part of society in an extremely high end market comparable to couture pricing.  Though we use fine fabrics, we keep our price points at the lower end of our market because when it comes down to it, we want all girls to be able to rock our designs; not just those with pockets of money honey.

Stay tuned for Part II of my interview with Kym and Alexis tomorrow.